Blackberry apps

Awesome! 🙂

Just add the WP mobile apps for my blackberry so I can start blogging from anywhere.. ☺

Yes I’m new to the blogging world. I have created an account in a blogsite few years back but I never writes! *alien grin*.. If there’s anyone said that writing is easy, then s/he is a liar.. At least that’s what I’m thinking.. :p coz it takes more than two years for me to gather some guts to write.. And I proudly say, this is my first blog ever! Yeaay..!! \(´▽`)/ Let’s hope this is a start not an end. 😀

Few words about wordpress. I decided to sign up just because WP has this beautiful apps for blackberry so I can write anytime anywhere. I’ve search some other blogsite but none of them provide one. offers similar feature to blog from mobile device, but it will be done by sending an SMS or send an email to virtual address that provided by the time you activate the mobile posting feature. It’s kinda sucks..  So I instantly sign up for an account when I know WP has this apps.. 😀 Yeah I’m cheap..but this is exactly what I need! 🙂

I envy all the people that have been blogging many years fact, some of them made a good money out of it.. Damn I really do envy you! So thanks to all my friends that inspiring me to start writing my own blog.. I wish I can catch them to become a true passionate bloggers with a true passionate checkbook! =)) Hahahaha…

.: H.A.R :.


About Harun AR

My real life is just about to start.. :)
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